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Shout out to the Daddies this Father’s Day

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We as Mummas are usually pretty good about sharing our stories with each other but it’s not often we get to hear from the Dads. I realised I’ve often asked Mum’s birth stories, shared what’s great about motherhood, what are the trickier bits, I’ve asked for guidance and have been a listening ear to Mum’s who needed a sounding board. But it dawned on me, I don’t check in with my husband, I haven’t asked him what he is enjoying about Fatherhood, what are the things for him that make it all worth it, or the areas that he finds harder and needs some support. And as the Father of children, my wingman in life, it would be nice to give him centre stage and hear what he has to say. So that this Father’s day, I can better appreciate his sacrifices, his efforts, his contributions and the rock that he is to my family.

With that in mind, I’ve asked some of our Daddy’s to share their stories with us:

Adam R –

The best thing about being a Dad is watching my girls grow and seeing how proud they are when they achieve new things. It is so rewarding to watch them develop new skills, to see what makes their brains tick and how excited they get about things we tend to take for granted- reading, writing, walking, talking. The second best thing about being a Dad is seeing their faces light up and getting a good cuddle after a long day or week at work! The hardest part of being a Dad is trying to balance time between work and home. I often feel torn between the 2 and as if I am not doing "properly". I am however lucky to have a very supportive family and what we do works well for us even if it may not work for everyone. The hardest period being a Dad was during the first few months after birth. I often felt like a bit of a spare part, aside from changing nappies and supplying Mum with tea! It can be frustrating when your baby just wants Mum but it is only natural and it gets better and better as they grow.

Rob - The best part of being a dad is seeing how excited they are to see you when you get home from work and getting a massive hug! The hardest part is dealing with the guilt when you end up snapping/shouting and then beating yourself up for hours afterwards for upsetting them. Adam C - For me, the best part of being a dad is knowing that you are the whole world to your child. They depend on you for everything, but even from an early age you can tell you are loved by them unconditionally. The hardest part is trying to juggle everything and maintain a routine for the baby. I wasn’t one for routine before my son came along, so am finding it difficult to fall in line. Shirwan - The best part about being a father is the time I get to spend with the Little One. It’s amazing to see how Elena recognizes me and then her smile and big eyes just melt away my worries. I’m grateful for our own Dad/Daughter moments - the morning change, bath time, and dream feed; but also how it has made our marriage stronger in purpose, to raise a child with the best values from both parents. The most challenging part of being a dad is the time spent away from Elena. It’s struck hard how much I enjoy and want to be with her as much as possible! There are other pressures too like worries over finances, providing the best circumstances and opportunities for both Mum and Daughter; raising a human being the right way - for Elena to be a happy child with a great education. As a couple caring for a baby ourselves (no helper!), every day is always a challenge as we get used to how are time and habits have changed since before Elena graced us. But this is one of the greatest challenges most parents face I guess... bring it on!

Ian – The best thing is that strong feeling of unconditional love you have for your child. I couldn’t really imagine how that would feel until I became a father and I don’t think the feeling will ever fade. The worst thing for me is probably the lack of time I get to myself to do something just for me or relax. Time is now split mostly between work and looking after my daughter and whilst both can be enjoyable in their own ways, neither are relaxing.

Now, if you’re looking for inspiration as to how to celebrate Daddy with a gift, we have collated a few ideas for you to help put a smile on his face and make him feel like the super hero that he is!

A craft beer hamper

If your baby Daddy is anything like mine, then a craft beer is always a welcome sight at the end of a long day. Thirsty offer great craft beer hampers to help Daddy kick back and relax a bit! A great gift that could be paired with a cool bottle opener too!

Find the craft beer hamper online here.

Find the Daddy bottle opener online here.

A Daddy & me class

This was something I bought for my husband on his first Father’s day, so that he too could enjoy some one-on-one bonding time with our little one as well as meet other Dads. Mother and Child offer a great Daddy & me massage course and Blue House Infant & Toddler Atelier offer fun sensory Daddy & me classes.

Find Mother & Child Daddy & me courses here.

Find Blue House Infant & toddler Atelier Daddy& me classes here.

Award-winning child carrier MINIMEIS

Gear up for Daddy’s and baby’s next adventure with one these child carriers. This carrier gives the best view from safe shoulders and is suitable from 6 months – 5 years old. One of our committee Mum’s swears by this carrier!

Find the child carrier online here.

A personalised children’s book

Spoiler alert! This beautiful book is what I am getting my husband this year, I love that you can personalise the look of the characters in the book in addition to their names! Something he can curl up with the children and read before bed and share some extra special Daddy snuggles. A perfect way to show Daddy just how much he is loved!

Find I love daddy this much book here.

Acrylic photo blocks

This is my husband’s favourite gifts from our children of all time. Something so simple and subtle but beautiful as it means he has photos of our girls and us as a family on his desk at work.

Find acrylic photo blocks here.

Truefitt & Hill

Give Daddy some special me time with the ultimate shaving experience, including a hot towel wet shave with a deep relaxing face massage and if you’re feeling generous you can add on a head massage too! Sometimes we all need a little pampering even the guys!

Find the Truefitt & Hill experiences here.

I hope you are feeling inspired and don’t forget to give Daddy an extra big hug this Father’s day!

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