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Happy Mother’s day to all you SUPER MUMS!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Mother’s day is here, and it’s a time for us to give thanks to the super women who raised and guided us, and the super women we have all become in bringing our little rays of sunshine into our families, growing them, nurturing them, watching them and endlessly loving them. We Mums are warriors and it's important to remember we ARE enough and MORE!

Our job can be exhausting, endless, and constantly evolving and unlike many other jobs, we don’t get a salary, a bonus or appraisal or even a holiday at the end of it. And after all the zombie inducing sleepless nights, gag worthy spit up, explosive, eye watering poonamis, food missiles launched across the room, the heart wrenching screams of teething, the eye rolling, ear splitting tantrums we DESERVE a little – screw that – a LOT of TLC and pampering!

So this year we asked some of our members to tell us a bit about what being a Mum means to them and how they would like to spend Mother’s day this year. We wanted to share their answers with all you Mummas too while wishing you a happy Mother’s day …


Being a Mum often feels like a lot of self-sacrifice and less time for yourself. However, every time my daughter kisses my face and tells me she loves me and that I’m her best friend, it makes it all worthwhile. It is amazing to see how all of our love, devotion and teaching is helping these little people grow and develop into the best version of themselves. My greatest joy and accomplishment will be seeing my girl become a kind, strong, and happy woman, leading her best life.

I think the best treat we can give ourselves as a Mum is time. Time to relax, give gratitude to ourselves and reflect on what a blessing it is to be a Mum. My treat to myself this year is a spa day at Capella. I’m taking time to relax, read a book, turn off my phone and enjoy the serenity of being alone.

Auriga Spa

Located at The Capella, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa island, 098297


The best bit of being a Mum for me, is waking up to his big smile every morning and the joy he has when he learns something for the first time. This year I’d like to celebrate with a facial at Epion Clinic.

Epion Clinic

Located at Tudor Court, 145 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247931


Motherhood feels like one big Mummy cake full of lots of different emotional ingredients – happiness, tears, exhaustion, exhilaration, pride, Mum guilt, not feeling good enough, to feeling like the most important person in the world to your baby... but the whole thing laced with a lot of love and the strongest bond. A Mother's Day treat for me is going to ION orchard and buying myself expensive Chanel deodorant. On those days when you don’t have time for hair and make-up, and can only manage the essentials of showering and a quick underarm spray. Mama still deserve to feel a little special!

Coco Chanel


The best things about being a Mom are watching the kids grow up from helpless little babies to independent individuals with his/her own personalities and to enjoy growing up with the kids and see the world anew through their eyes. That, and that being a Mom is a never ending journey of learning!

My favourite treat to myself on Mother’s day is me time. I normally take a half day off and go to a spa, treat myself and then join my family for a nice afternoon tea or dinner to celebrate Mother’s day. I recommend the Remede spa at the St Regis also for high tea too!

The St Regis Singapore

Located at 29 Tanglin road, Singapore, 247911


Being a Mum to me means loving my 2 little beings unconditionally; leading them through life and learning from them as we go. Lots of listening and laughing means they always light up my life.

My favourite thing to do on Mother’s day always involves food – lunch with the family at Level 33 (but a solo spa day wouldn’t be turned down either ha-ha!).

Level 33

Located at MBFC tower 1, 8 Marina Blvd, #33 - 01, Singapore 018981


The best bits of being a Mum for me are all the giggles, snuggles and ‘I love you more than... chocolates’. This year I plan on celebrating at Wild Honey with yummy pancakes, mango French toast and coffee!

Wild Honey

Located at Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd, #03-01/02, Singapore 238897

Wearing the title of ‘Mum’ means letting go of wanting to be perfect, learning on the job and cherishing the simplest moments. Its about getting comfortable with public meltdowns and peeing with an audience. Being a Mum has taught me I am stronger than I ever thought I could be and that I am enough. LOL.

A treat for me on Mother’s day is breakfast in bed, a handmade card and an indulgent, child-free treat like a massage or pedicure which makes me feel valued and appreciated!


Various locations

Painted Nail bar

Located at 374 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248281


The best part about being a Mum is watching the little humans you made grow and learn new things every day, and seeing the world from their perspective. It’s so special to see them experiencing things for the first time. And it’s amazing having the privilege of helping to shape these kids. My treat this year is a spa day!


Being a Mum to me means to unconditionally love and worry endlessly about this amazing little one that has come into our lives. Waking up every morning and seeing my baby with that shaggy hair, pacifier in mouth and her arms reaching out to me...Yes I’m your Mum :) Truly a blessing and I can only hope she will be the best person she can be! For Mother’s Day I’d love a spa day at So Spa on Sentosa.

So Spa

Located at Allanbrooke Road 099983


Being a Mum means loving so deeply that your children’s joys are yours and their pain and difficulties are too – it is unconditional love in its purest form, and well you will never pee alone again ha-ha. Best treat for me is having my hair blow dried at Big Blow at Cluny Court and feeling like a human again.

The Big Blow

Located at Cluny court, 501 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259760


For a long time I didn’t think I could have children so every day I am thankful to have my little miracle. Even on the tough days a cuddle from her makes it all better. For me the best places or things to treat yourself for Mother’s Day is Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel!

Raffles Hotel

Located at 1 Beach Road, Singapore, 189673


Being a Mum to me means loving my girlies unconditionally, putting them first and giving them a safe place to explore and discover their little selves and grow into strong beautiful women inside and out. It means being their biggest cheerleader, biggest advocate and biggest rock all whilst having big, crazy, silly fun. The best bits are having those soft little moments when they gaze at you before they sleep, soft warm snuggles, and seeing them accomplish something and looking at you with pride in their eyes and a big smile. For Mother’s Day I’d love a beautiful necklace from Aurum and Grey to celebrate having my girlies and maybe some Aesop toiletries for me time after a long day of mummying!

Happy Mother’s Day ! We are the true super heroes of our world!

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