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A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Kids(and their Parents!)

Ever confronted an anxious, unfocussed or sleepless child that nothing seems to placate?

Well, this is that quintessential guide to using essential oils (EOs) for specific troubles, as well as to providing a quick, easy intro to getting started in using them.

First, why did I get into this and where have I gone since?

My kids used to fall ill frequently. A class, group activity, or playgroup was all it took, and the recovery phase lasted weeks. Not to mention that both the husband and me would catch the bug as well!

Aside from that, my husband and I were always fatigued, suffered from high stress levels and a lack of mental focus and clarity.

As of the time of this article, none of us has been ill for more than 2 years now. My husband and I have endless energy, focus and clarity so much, so that we ended up kicking caffeine in the process!

All this has happened through two actions:

⦁ Elimination of unnatural and toxic substances from our lives and homes

⦁ Use of essential oils

So first things first - what are essential oils?

They are the essences of various plants - extracted, distilled and sealed in a bottle. These essences are highly concentrated and very natural. They have proven healing capabilities and plenty of benefits.

Why essential oils?

Three big reasons here for me:

Sick kids

Apart from their frequent bouts of sickness, I was also very worried of the drugs I was feeding their little bodies. Would you believe, my younger one was prescribed a steroid at 10 months?

I started using the oils and saw the results within 3 weeks. Now, I can bring my children out and there would be no fevers that night. I became a complete convert – I am now an essential oils mama!

When they do have slight sniffles or their bodies feel hot, I apply the oils immediately and they are completely fine within an hour or two. Imagine that - no more need for Zyrtec, paracetamol, ibuprofen, etc.


For some strange reason, Arjan hardly slept, right from birth. By the time he was 6 weeks, I was SO tired.

I was recommended an oil to use and that very night, Arjan slept finally like a baby. I just could not believe it – I stared at him sleeping in his cot for hours that night!


This was very much needed for my daughter and me. You see, I had a monkey brain and I could see that she had one too. Therefore, I began to search for an oil for this problem.

The week that oil came in, Arya started to read as well. I taught her for months but nothing happened but that week, she read fluently. It was as if as if her brain had finally switched on!

So what brand do I use?

This was a tough one for me as there was a plethora of oils out there so just like all of you great researchers, I used Google.

After much research, I chose Young Living and this is why:

⦁ They have been around for over 25 years - They are not a start-up brand. They have been around for years and their company growth really says it all.

⦁ Their seed to seal promise – they grow the plants on the own farms and they seal it. No synthetic chemicals and no toxic fillers.

⦁ They have over 5 million customers – These numbers keep increasing and they are growing stronger with each passing year. I like this, as I do not want a company that suddenly disappears.

Is it safe for babies?

The key is to use your oils safely. Make sure you have a good advisor on hand, someone who responds quickly and is very well versed with oils for young children.

There is also a wide range of oils and a baby range. These baby oils are very gentle and I have used them on my own child.

Where do I start?

Message me. Ask me questions. Sign up for my text class.

Making the switch to oils is the biggest gift you could ever give to your children’s health. I promise you their little bodies will thank you when they are older.

Melissa Nathan

Essential oils mama. Homeschooling mum. Educator. Reiki healer. Wife to a gorgeous man❤

T: 9025-5815

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