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Best Pram-Friendly Walks

Exploring Singapore on foot with your baby has many benefits. Think of it as an adventure! The fresh air, lush green plants, and exotic sights and sounds are wonderful for sensory development. When you go out walking, you can point out all the interesting things you see along the way. This promotes comprehension and language skills as well as parent-baby bonding.

Did I also mention that walking helps shed the last of those pregnancy kilos? Honestly, it is the most effortless way to stay in shape.

Here are my favourite pram-friendly walks in Singapore and how to get there by MRT.

Fort Canning

Walking around Fort Canning is great because there are a lot of inclines (just what my flabby thighs need). Majestic leafy trees line the wide walkways and provide ample shade. Because of the area's rich past, there are lots of interesting sites to see including an iconic lighthouse and nine historic gardens.

Start: Dhoby Ghaut MRT End: Dhoby Ghaut MRT Distance: 3.2 kilometres

Time: 35 minutes

I recommend starting your walk from Dhoby Ghaut station and zig-zagging your way up the hill via the Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel. Continue past the Battlebox (a WW2 bunker) and through the Fort Wall to Pancur Larangan. This is a fantastic pram-friendly park where you can also do a small workout – think squats, sit-ups and push-ups. Then, loop around the Fort Canning Centre before heading back down to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore around here. Visit the Fort Canning official map to devise your own unique route.

Botanical Gardens

This is one of my favourite walks because the Botanical Gardens are brimming with amazing sounds, sights, and smells that are nothing short of pure delight for my little one. And, the fragrance is breathtaking. The Botanical Gardens are meticulously maintained so you can hang out on the grass for some tummy time, or a picnic, too. Start: Botanical Gardens MRT End: Botanical Gardens MRT Distance: 3.2 kilometres

Time: 40 minutes

I prefer to do a circular route here, starting at the Botanical Gardens MRT station and walking to the main waterfall and back again. You can finish your walk with a cup of Italian coffee and a scoop of gelato at Gastranomica cafe.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay wins the award for most picturesque pram-friendly walk. I am talking absolutely breathtaking views of Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, and those thingy-me-jig fake tree things. I always feel like I am witnessing Singapore with fresh eyes whenever I walk around here with my baby. Just a word of caution – there isn’t much shade so make sure you arrive early in the morning to avoid the glare.

Start: Bayfront MRT

End: Bayfront MRT

Distance: 3.6 kilometres

Time: 44 minutes

I recommend getting off the train at Bayfront and walking to the Gardens by the Bay. Continue along the water’s edge until you reach Satay by the Bay. Then turn around and walk back. On the way back you can stop at the Children’s Garden, which is a really cool water park suitable for babies 6+ months. Exit via Sheares Avenue, taking a left, and enter The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands for some air-conditioning. From here you can make your way home via Bayfront MRT.

Raffles Place

Walking around Raffles Place can be nostalgic if you are a former city-worker like myself. I still get a kick out of seeing the shophouses along the Singapore River not to mention passing that amazing durian-like behemoth at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. Plus, this is the best foodie walk because you end up at City Hall where there are so many yummy things to eat.

Start: Raffles Place MRT

End: City Hall MRT

Distance: 2.1 kilometres

Time: 24 minutes

Get off the MRT at Raffles Place and head towards the water’s edge. Walk towards the old Fullerton Hotel and cross the Cavenagh Bridge. Enjoy the pleasant walk past the Asian Civilisations Museum and continue right along the gorgeous Queen Elizabeth Walk until you reach the Esplanade. From there, turn on to Raffles Avenue and keep going until you reach City Hall.

Labrador Park

Labrador Park is a wonderful spot to enjoy the very best of Singapore. You get nature, butterflies, cool sea breezes, and even a dose of modern architecture. This is where the famous Reflections at Keppel Bay is located. It’s one of the most memorable condos ever built. People like to aaaahhhh at the clever curves. Then, on closer inspection, they oooohhhhh at how it feels like a futuristic prison. There are a number of treks around Labrador Park. The most pram-friendly walk starts at Labrador Park MRT station.

Start: Labrador Park MRT End: HarbourFront / Vivocity Distance: 3.1 kilometres Time: 38 minutes

Swing left and walk through the lush greenery along the Berlayer Creek Boardwalk. After about 15 minutes you will see the vast blue sea when you arrive at the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk. Enjoy strolling along the water, past the fancy condos, until you reach the Keppel Bay Bridge. They turn left onto the main road from where it is only a couple of blocks to HarbourFront.Treat yourself to a decadent hot chocolate and a gooey slice of cake at Awfully Chocolate Vivocity at the end of your walk.

Tips and essential items for walking in Singapore

  • Walk early in the morning, or in the evening, when the weather is cooler

  • Use a clip-on portable fan to keep baby cool

  • Pack a sun umbrella if your pram hood provides insufficient shade

  • Bring a blanket with you so baby can enjoy a bit of tummy time mid-walk

  • Apply plenty of sunscreen

Don’t worry if your baby falls asleep while walking. Naps in the pram are still counted!!


Contributed by Sara Kelly

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