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Delicious and Healthy Treats for the Whole Family this Easter - by Sara Kelly

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

It’s that time of year again when no amount of clever trolley maneuvering can hide the tantalising supermarket chocolate displays from curious young eyes. As well as being an important Christian festival, Easter is also a time for family get togethers, fun with the kiddies, good food, and - it would seem, chocolate! Hmmm… that last part sounds dangerous. But indulging at Easter, while keeping the babies happy, needn’t be calorie laden. Here are a few healthier and delicious alternatives to chocolate Easter Eggs that the whole family can enjoy.

Low-Sugar Chocolate

We all know what makes chocolate taste so good, right? It’s the sugar! And that’s also the principal culprit which makes it so bad for us. Fortunately, there are some wonderful low and sugar-free chocolates available in Singapore. My favourite are from a local chocolatier, Chocoelf. Their chocolates are sweetened with maltitol, a sugar alcohol that is totally safe to consume and doesn’t cause tooth decay (bonus!). I’m sure their Merlion Rose Coconut bar will be a winner with the kiddies. The dark chocolate has a smooth quality (not at all bitter tasting) thanks to the added whole milk powder. Plus the pretty pink filling tastes wonderfully tropical. Did I mention it has 0g of sugar? Yay! Otherwise Chocoelf’s Milk Chocolate bar has less than 10g of sugar per 100g and is just as delicious.

For the grown-ups, I recommend something a little more edgier. Hello Chocolate has a tempting selection of low-sugar chocolates from around the world and, if you are really desperate for a cacao fix, they do same-day delivery. I recommend splurging on the Nina Dark Chocolate with Caramelized Macambo Nibs 85%. Macambo is a superfood known for its protein, fibre, and mood-boosting properties. Whatsmore, it has a magical buttery, nutty flavour that goes well with cacao. This chocolate tastes salty, bitter, nutty and sweet all at the same time.

Special Hot Chocolate

If specialty chocolate is a little too decadent for your youngsters, then try a home-made creamy (and low-sugar) hot chocolate instead with ingredients available from the supermarket.

All you need to do is heat a cup of milk in the microwave so it’s nice and warm (we don’t want any burnt tongues!). Let the kids drop a couple of chocolate squares in and then stir until it melts for yummy hot chocolate. I recommend The Belgian dark chocolate blocks (available at Redmart) which have a creamy consistency that melts quickly, no bitter aftertaste, and it contains zero sugar. Add a drop of vanilla essence for sweetness or use some stevia all-natural sweetener. Top off your hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon powder.

If you want to go all out, you can decorate the mugs first a-la-crazy-shake style. Coat the rim in melted chocolate first and then dip it in crushed nuts. Make sure your melted chocolate is applied thickly for best results.

Marmite Hot Cross Buns

This year M&S are stocking 4 cheese and Marmite hot cross buns - exciting!! Okay, perhaps this is not the healthiest treat, but it is a healthier one at least. Marmite is packed with essential B vitamins. Plus, these yummy buns are squishy and cheesy, loaded with Mature Cheddar and Red Leicester cheeses.This is definitely a gorgeous way to introduce kiddies to this iconic albeit ugly-coloured spread.

I recommend serving these bad boys toasted with cream cheese or cottage cheese, and a few slices of tomato.

Carrot Pancakes

What do Easter Bunnies like munching on? Why, carrots of course! Carrots are also a good source of beta carotene, fibre, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants - wow! But the trick is getting your kids to eat them, right?

For an extra special Easter brekkie treat, you can make carrot pancakes. Carrot pancakes are scrumptious enough for any respectable Easter Bunny. I love this recipe from the BBC. However, if you already have a tried-tested-and-loved pancake recipe, then use that. Simply add a cup of grated carrots to it along with an additional tablespoon of flour to account for the added moisture.

Carrot pancakes taste great with Greek yogurt plus a dash of nutmeg and some sliced apples. Mmmmm!

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

This wouldn’t be a proper Easter foodie post without mentioning dyed eggs! Did you know that you can create vibrant-coloured hard boiled eggs without food dye? Yes!! The first step is to hard boil your eggs and cool them overnight. Next, create your colours using natural ingredients by simmering fruits, vegetables and/or spices in a cup of water with a dash of vinegar. For instance, use beetroot for purple, red cabbage for blue, paprika for reddish-orange, and turmeric for yellow. Finally, leave eggs soaking in the natural dye overnight and, viola! You have beautifully coloured eggs that are all natural and safe to eat.

Sourcing the ingredients to “create the colour” is part of the fun. Get the kids involved in scouring the supermarket or pantry shelves, looking around the spice section of your local wet market, and rummaging in the park. Some exotic powders or bright flowers can produce wonderful results. You can also check out this cool blog for more colour ideas.

Have a happy, safe and yummy Easter break everyone!

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