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Non-Candy Easter Gift ideas for Babies and Pre-schoolers

Generally Easter is a time filled with chocolate eggs and yumminess, but for our younger ones, all the sugar can be a bit too much. So we have put together a list of alternative goodies to put in an Easter gift basket or use in an Easter egg hunt which are non-candy related! Have fun looking at the Easter themed teethers, rattles, soft toys, wooden toys,

crayons, sticker books and alternative eggs for Easter egg hunts. “Hoppy” Easter!

Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether

This soft, silicone carrot teether is perfect for soothing tender gums and providing teething relief. It features easy to hold handles and interesting textures on the carrot leaves and carrot tip. A great Easter gift for your little bunny!

Seed Bella Bunny Rattle

With a gentle rattle sound and soft fabrication, this bunny toy is perfect for those tiny babies still practising their grip.

Tomy International Hide N Squeak Eggs

These are definitely a classic baby gift perfect for Easter. Chirp! chirp! Crack open the shells to reveal six egg-straw special chicks. Your little one can learn shapes by sorting each shell into its own carton spot. Press down gently on their heads to hear them Cheep!

PlanToys Wooden Hopping Rabbit Push and Pull Toy

A wooden hopping rabbit to delight wee tots! PlanToys wooden Hopping Rabbit push and pull along toy makes a hopping motion as it is pulled along. This one was my daughter’s favourite toys of all time and she would pull it along everywhere shouting “Butt Butt” (her name for bunny)!

Gund soft Peter Rabbit finger puppets

The original bunny – Peter Rabbit. A childhood classic character who has stood the test of time. These adorable fingers puppets are the sweetest Easter gift for any little baby!

Wooden Touber Maracas Egg Shakers

These Wooden Touber Maracas Egg Shakers come in 6 Interesting patterns with bright colours. What baby doesn’t love to shake and rattle?! They make the perfect Easter basket filler or baby friendly Easter egg hunt!

Jellycat soft toys

Jellycat have a fantastic selection of adorable super soft toys and some perfect ones for Easter in a range of sizes! From their classic bunny, to their little lamb, cute chick or quirky egg!

Early Learning Centre Nesting Eggs

These little nesting eggs are great for playing anywhere – whether by the pool, in the sand or just at home. These colourful Early Learning Centre Nesting Eggs are a super fun toy with discovery in every layer. Open up the four different-sized, colourful eggs to reveal an adorable, friendly little chick in the centre. Lay out all the egg pieces and hide the chick underneath, encouraging little ones to find the prize. Match up the halves with the same colour and size to put the eggs together, then open each egg to reveal your new bird pal!

Crayola My First Palm Grasp Washable Crayons

This was both my girl’s first interaction with a crayon. The egg shape makes it super easy for them to grasp and learn to draw. Simply get the paper ready and let your little one grasp and scribble away!

Hape Bunny Push Pal

Everyone loves a push along toy for those bubbas who have started toddling around. Great to play with around the home or take to the playground to encourage to walk about. Push little bunny to start him nibbling on his carrot as he rolls. Your bunny will hop happily up and down as you push it forward.


Play-Doh Eggs 24-Pack

These are a perfect alternative for an Easter egg hunt if you don’t wish to use candy! Or a party bag filler if you’re hosting an Easter party. They come in a pack of 24 so plenty to hide for your little ones to find.

Easter sticker books

Sticker books are a big favourite in my house especially when they festive and themed! There is such a great range out there to choose from and perfect to get your little ones interested about Easter! Here are some of my favourites!

PlanToys Wooden Lacing Sheep Sorting and Stacking Toy

I love an Easter gift that isn’t just bunnies and eggs! And this little lamb is great for travel toy to keep them busy at a restaurant! PlanToys Sorting and Stacking wooden lacing sheep teaches children sorting and stacking skills, as well as fine motor skill development. This 6 piece wooden set consists of a sheep's 'head' and 'spine' with 5 coloured vertebrae.

Play-Doh Easter Bunny & Chick Stampers

These Play-Doh Easter Bunny & Chick Stampers make great basket stuffers and gifts. There are two bunny and two chick figures available in assorted colours. Each figure has two ounces of play-doh hidden inside, and under the figure's feet you will find stamps for creating fun shapes! Perfect little gift to keep your little one’s hands busy and imagination active.

Usborne Minis Finger print Easter activity book

This is Easter activity book is filled with arty fun. Create Easter eggs, chicks, rabbits and more by following the simple step-by-step instructions in this springtime activity book. All you need is your fingers, the ink-pad attached to the book and a felt-tip pen to add details.

Montessori Wooden Carrot Harvest toy

We love this toy for keeping your little ones busy at a restaurant! It is perfect for help teaching fine motor skills and sorting skills. There are 7 different sizes of cute carrots to match with holes for your child to explore and put it into the correct size slot.


Contributed by Hannah Beth Richardson

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