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Fun games to play on a rainy day!

If you are stuck inside, you have limited space and don’t want to spend more money on more toys, but you have young kids with energy to burn then here are some fun games to get their brains thinking and bodies moving. And they are FREE!

These are great to change up their day a bit, a break from their toys and a break from screen time!

Scavenger hunt

This is a great game that can be indoor or outdoor. Simply write, draw or print a few items on a piece of paper for your kids to find in the home and then send them off scavenging! I use some easy concepts such as colour, shape, texture and purpose as well as everyday items for my pre-schooler. It is also a fun way to jazz up a daily walk! I have listed below some ideas for inspiration – both indoor and outdoor:


  • Something orange

  • Something with a number on

  • Something you clean with

  • Something you eat

  • Something heavy

  • An animal you find in the zoo

  • Something beginning with E

  • A crayon

  • A shoe

  • A soft toy


  • 2 x different leaves

  • A bird

  • A butterfly

  • An ant

  • 2 x flowers

  • Something square

  • Something blue

  • A red car

  • A stone

  • 3 x sticks

If you’re looking for something printable find a free printable version online here.

Balloon drop

One of the simplest games of all time and yet somehow never gets old! All you need is a balloon and some air in your lungs to inflate it! Then simply throw it in air and don’t let it drop! Use any and every part of your body to hit it back up in air before it hits the floor. My three year old LOVES this game and my little one year old loves to get involved too. It is an easy fun way to get them moving, leaping and running around burning off some energy, and it is fun whether it be one or multiple players.

Teddy Bear picnic

This is a fun way to make lunch time a bit different. Simply take your little ones favourite soft toys and lay out a blanket. I always make little fun shaped mini sandwiches and cut up star, heart or animal shaped fruit and vegetables to make it extra special followed by a cheeky slice of cake or cupcake. I also get out the toy cups and saucers and little party plates for her to embrace her imaginative play. A great way to make a meal time more fun and break up the day!

Treasure hunt

Ready to embrace your inner pirate? Shiver me timbers! This one takes a little prep but worth it especially if written the night before. You need to create a clue (either write it, draw it or use a photo) to find a location or item, then have another clue waiting at that spot. That tip leads to the next spot, and so on. As well as just jolly good fun it also helps teach your little one about sequencing, which is the importance of following steps in order.

I like to do this early afternoon and use special treat snack for my daughter to find; special cookies or a chocolate lollypop for example. I keep it to 10 clues and keep them pretty simple for my pre-schooler, I have listed a few as an example but I recommend checking out this website for more inspiration The Spruce.


  1. You use this to wash your hands and it makes them smell lovely

  2. You put these on your feet before you go outside

  3. Somewhere to sit that is really comfy!

  4. Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the ?

  5. It’s yellow and quacks and like to swim in the bath with you

  6. Something you read before you go to bed

  7. Where is the photo of Grandma and Grandpa

  8. Little blocks to build towers and castles

  9. What goes chugger chugger choo choo?

  10. This helps make are teeth sparkly white and clean


  1. Soap

  2. Shoes

  3. Sofa

  4. Clock

  5. Rubber duck

  6. Book

  7. Photo on the wall of Grandparents

  8. Duplo or wooden blocks

  9. Train

  10. Toothbrush

Hide and seek

Sometimes the simple fun classic games really are the best as this one has always been favourite in our house. Hide and seek is the easiest of all games, the seeker counts to 10 while the other players run and hide, and then the seeker shouts “Coming ready or not!” goes in search to find them.

Building a fort

If you have a table, or sofa, or chairs and a sheet then you have everything you need! Simply you use whatever you can find in your house to build a fort. My daughter spends ages running around finding things to use such as sheets, blankets, cushions, pillows, making me move sofas, tables, chairs, and getting her favourite toys out to join her in her creation. It’s a great activity to do in the morning and enjoy the fort for the whole day. You can eat a meal in there as a treat, watch a movie, read books and colour-in anything you wish! You can also create games around it too, like making a fort sign, thinking up a password to enter, defend the fort with empty kitchen rolls!

Dinosaur egg hunt

If you still have those plastic eggs leftover from Easter then re-use them for another egg hunt, together with some dinosaur figurines. I hide 10 eggs and dinosaur figurines in one room for my pre-schooler to search for, and if she gets stuck I help by shouting “Warmer” when she gets near one. You don’t have to use eggs or dinosaurs though; for my 1 year old I use 3 of her favourite care bears in a small area for her to find; and when my eldest was 2 years old I just cut out stars and stuck them on walls and furniture for her to find and collect.

We hope you’re feeling inspired and a little less lost as to how to fill a rainy day! And please share with us any indoor games your children like to play!

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