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The NMSG Fav Baby Products List

There is no doubt that pregnancy can be rather overwhelming: a changing body, an influx of hormones plus the excitement, and anxiety, about what is to come. Add in to the mix the vast array of products claiming to solve all of your baby-related problems (half of which you didn’t even know existed!) and it can cause your prenatal brain to feel like exploding.

That’s why we are here at NMSG… to tell you about our favourite products, so that you can cut through the hype and see which items are really worth purchasing. Below, our committee name the products that have truly helped in the first few months and years of their little one’s lives:

The carrier

“I could not have survived without my Baby Bjorn carrier with both kids when they were little babies. It was the only way I could really calm them down and get on with some housework, make a cup of tea or have a rest from holding them and was guaranteed to get them to sleep. It kept me sane, I reckon!”

Liz, NMSG Co-chair

“Not original I'm afraid but my sling! Baby K'Tan for home and short trips, Ergo for dog walks and park trips. Otherwise I'd never have my hands free to do anything!”

Faith, NMSG Speaker Coordinator

Lady carrying baby using Ergobaby Carrier

The wipes

Cheeky Wipes are my absolute favourite! Why? They’re eco-friendly, wallet-friendly and sooo much better for baby's skin.”

Allie, NMSG Socials Coordinator


The bath

“The Shnuggle baby bath is amazing baby bath for newborns and young babies. Firstly, it saves running a whole bath so it’s much more time efficient, better for the environment and means getting the temperature right is straight forward. Secondly, it gives the baby a greater independence and therefore the parents have free hands to wash, thanks to the foam back rest which supports the baby. As soon as the baby can support their own head, they can sit in the bath unaided, allowing mummy and daddy to be able to wash and play with ease.”

Heather, Botanics Walk and Talk Coordinator


The playmat

“To me it’s the parklon play mat as having hard marble floors made it so much easier to roll around and play and being water proof allow some happy free time. Also, it’s reversible so you can get rid of the kiddiness look when you want to!”

Bex, Socials Coordinator

Credit: Parklon

The stroller

“My double stroller City Select… I could not survive without them without car and helpers and two kids!”

Ludovica, Social Media Coordinator

Credit: Baby Jogger website

The book

“I love nosy books with buttons on each page, when Lana (7 months) is restless but not quite ready to nap they always entertain her and keep her calm.”

Pam, Baby and Bump Coordinator

Credit: Usbourne

The highchair

“My Best Buy would be the Antilop IKEA Highchair, we used for both my kids, initially for eating and then we used a second as a shower seat… the tray was a great toy holder and it keeps them upright when you don’t have a bath and don’t want to break your back bending over trying to handle a wriggling, wet slippery baby.”

Amanda, Co-chair

What's been your favourite item?

This blog is written by mums (of the NMSG committee) for mums. All opinions their own, we were not sponsored or affiliated with companies mentioned!

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