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Let it go... let it go...

Nothing quite prepares you for the journey of motherhood…balancing poopy nappies, projectile vomit, colic, a neglected husband, the overly helpful in-laws (or the opposite), choosing the right first bike, the right school… the list just–goes- on.

But in the midst of all of what we call life, have you taken a moment to think about yourself? You’ve read all the mummy blogs and Facebook posts on performing your Kegel exercises or reducing your abdominal separation in the pursuit of instagrammable (is that even a word!?) abdominals… but have you actually taken a moment to stop, take a deep breath and let it go?

Whilst working on your abdominal separation and Kegels should be a top priority post delivery, letting go between exercises is as equally important for muscle balance.

Historically, women have been taught to sit up tall and crossed legged (like a lady as a they say), whilst men make space for, well their packages. But, have you thought of the effort your muscles go to to achieve these postures? Your hip, abdominal and back muscles all fire up as well as your pelvic floor. Whilst we often hear of the consequences of a weakened pelvic floor, there are consequences to a tight pelvic floor too and this can lead to pelvic pain and sometimes an overactive pelvic floor in some women (and men). This can represent itself as painful intercourse, incomplete urinary voiding, and difficulties with passing bowel motion.

The persistent activation of these muscles not only causes pain and anxiety but also causes the muscles to get tired (I mean you wouldn’t hold a baby all day, would you?). Plus, it impairs their performance when it means the most, in such instances as coughing, laughing or sneezing.

If you suffer from pelvic pain, painful intercourse, feeling the incomplete emptying of your bowel or bladder, try letting go and see if that helps…

- take a deep breath and breath into your belly

- relax your abdominal- let the tummy bulge out

- relax the pelvic floor

- let your legs fall to the side and

- slouch a little

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms discussed or would like to undergo a pre or post-natal physiotherapy assessment to make sure everything is functioning A-OK, book an appointment with Preet, a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health at the IFC clinic, 39 Hong Kong Street, #06-01, 059678.

IFC are offering NMSG members a 10% discount off their initial women’s health physiotherapy appointment. To make an appointment call 8721 9972 or email and quote your NMSG membership number.

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