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Play for them; relax for you

The places in Singapore which offer fun for the little ones with a time out for you!

With some days that seem to stretch on forever with no end in sight, and a mama pulling her hair out the NMSG committee thought we’d come to the rescue with a list of our favourite places to take the kids (that are also relaxing for us mama’s too - well kind of).

So, here’s our favourite spots to keep the little ones entertained:

"A play area with a huge sandpit and some other play spaces outside of the sandpit (including trampoline) And I like it too because they have a nice coffee area within the play area."

Image credit: Sandy Dandy Facebook page

"Amazing baby / toddler area with sofas for mama. Then the older kid's room has tons of pretend play, games and toys. Only wish I could drink a coffee there too but food and drink isn't allowed. Still, the little one loves it and can play independently."

"This is an amazing place to visit for my 4 month old. He has just got to the age when he is interested in anything and everything... but not for long! Being able to go somewhere with a whole host of new toys (babies are free up to 9 months) is fantastic change from the apartment for baby and mum or dad alike!"

Image credit: Joy of Toys Facebook page

Playtime in the CBD

"When I’m tired and need to get out of the house with my little one but don’t fancy a soft play, I get the MRT to Downtown and go to Asia Square. It’s undercover and has a vast space where he can ride his bike around safely whilst I sit by the fountain and zone out. It’s really quiet on the weekends, cool as it’s undercover and free!"

"Also great for children of multiple ages as there’s lots of staff on hand to help, an infant area, an older child area, pirate ship and water play, music and painting room, along with yummy cakes and coffee in the lounge, which also lets you bring your own kiddy snacks! Buds also has free WiFi, free parking and importantly they open at 9am unlike a lot of soft play venues, so it’s great for my early risers!"

Image credit: Tripadvisor

"Stress-free water play because there is no actual swimming involved and they can burn of energy and cool down. Follow with a plate of popiah at Satay by the Bay and its a perfect morning 😉"

"I love the children gardens in gardens by the bay. The two different areas for toddlers and older kids are close enough to check the kids at the same time and they burn so many energies off that the bed time is really easy!"

Image credit: Gardens by the Bay website

"The baby/ toddler area is small but OK but the bigger play facility is great for 2 year old plus and offers a very fun and physical indoor play course for afternoons when the kids need to burn off energy when it's too hot or wet outside. It has got a cafe/restaurant perfect for coffee. Slightly mediocre food offering but there's a good food court in the mall basement, so you can time your visit to have lunch/ supper out."

Image credit:

"A nice small playground where the kids can play in a pretend garden, pretend shop, dress up play and a fishing area and a cassia seed sandpit. No couches or coffee for mamas but you can at least sit while the little ones roam as its small enough to see them most of the time."

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This blog is written by mums (of the NMSG committee) for mums. All opinions their own, we were not sponsored or affiliated with companies mentioned!

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