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Upcoming Talks - February: Nurturing Through Play - Creative & Critical Thinking in Early Childhood

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Discover methods to hone your child’s Creative and Critical thinking abilities with a step by step guide presented in this talk, many of which have been seamlessly integrated during play in Kaboodle.

Kaboodle is an indoor play space that provides development for creative intelligence with both creative free play and structured programs. At Kaboodle, we provide the place where children and the young at heart go wild through imaginative play. During creative play, the elements of designing, brainstorming, experimenting and risk taking are imbued in their creations. We facilitate this process by creating fun and an engaging time with you and your children to make learning an enjoyable life long journey.

An innovation driven, revolutionary at heart, Viknesh Kastor takes it up as his life’s work to transform commerce through ethical branding while bridging the gap between business goals and consumer confidence. Invoking a passion for an evidence driven education reform, his main emphasis is in critical thinking and creativity for the individual betterment of a child’s early development and its consequential implications to society.

NMSG talks are held at:

Camden Medical Centre, Level 9, Function room 1 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248649

The cost: FREE for NMSG members

Registration starts at 9.45am, talk at 10am. Also available at the talks: toys and refreshments.

Underground parking is available at Camden Medical Centre, but the lift only goes from B1 level, not B2. NMSG talks are intended for parents and their children only and we do not permit entry to helpers. Non-members are welcome to attend and sign up for membership at the talk.

To register, visit:

International Medical Clinic kindly supports the NMSG talks at the Camden Medical Centre.

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