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Dress That Bump: Where to Find Nursing and Maternity Clothes

Lindene Cleary, HoneyKids Asia

Love it or hate it, at some point in your pregnant life you’ll need some maternity clothing. Here’s where to find the extra- roomy threads that work for you.

When it comes to finding maternity clothes in Singapore that you’re actually proud to wear, the options are limited. This great city has no shortage of good paediatricians, places to buy second hand baby clothing, or beautiful locations for a babymoon, but stepping out the door feeling stylish when you’re 35 weeks pregnant? Now there’s a challenge. The good news is, the days of hideous smocks and dungarees are well and truly gone (although we’re not averse to the non-hideous kinds now and then), and you can sort yourself a great mum-to-be wardrobe through some savvy online shopping. Laptops and bumps at the ready please, here are the eight brands you need in your arsenal.

ASOS Maternity

We’ve never been able to achieve the level of ‘cool mum-to-be’ that every ASOS Maternity model nails, but oh hell we’ve tried. The problem here is everything is so gosh darn cheap. You will inevitably find yourself the proud owner of polka dot pants, a fire engine red bodycon dress and a flouncy purple playsuit because why not try all the new things at a time when you resemble a small hippo? Don’t get us wrong; we recommend it. Go forth.

Emma & Kei Maternity

If you’re newly pregnant, bookmark this site now as you’ll be coming back again and again. Emma & Kei is your go-to for simple but stylish pieces that don’t cost a bomb. The best bit? It’s based in Singapore so delivery is free!


Good old H&M. Hop over here for handy nursing tops and basic dresses and shorts to keep you comfy in our wonderfully humid climate. Order online for delivery within 7-10 working days or head to the stores at Orchard, One Raffles Place and Tampines and no doubt emerge hours later with an entire (and adorable) newborn wardrobe to boot.


If you have some cash to spend on high quality fabrics and lovely styles, look no further than Hatch online. Here you’ll find effortlessly chic but comfy pieces, from breezy dresses to relaxed elastic-waisted pants and flowy tops. We’re almost inclined to go and get ourselves preggers again. Almost.

Clary & Peg

This is a goody from the U.K. that works whether you’re pregnant or not (so, two for the price of one then, in a way?). Clary & Peg’s pieces are ‘vintage-inspired’ and they’re simply lovely. The range makes us want to go back to our five-year-old selves to frolic in the garden picking flowers, and then return to adulthood to sip on a G&T (or an iced lemon tea for those of us up the duff).

Boob Design

Ah, those Scandis. They know how to do smart and functional with style. Boob Design is your best bet for nursing wear, with a brilliant range that just ‘gets’ what a breastfeeding mother has to contend with (even when exercising – the activewear is great!). It’s not cheap, but if you can, it’s worth investing in just a few key pieces to get you through. Boob also takes a sustainable approach to production, so you can rest assured you’re buying quality, with minimal environmental impact.

Seraphine Many a celebrity mum-to-be has been spotted in Seraphine, and for good reason – they make it easy to carry a bun in the oven with style. With a huge range, they’ve got you covered for wrap dresses, leggings (including some faux leather fabulousness as worn by Marion Cotillard), swimsuits, and the pick of maternity jeans.

Egg Maternity

Based in New Zealand, this might be a quicker delivery option than those in Europe and the U.S. They also offer a pregnancy stylist – just answer a couple of quick questions and they’ll put together an entire preggo wardrobe for you!

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