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Home Based Activites

Balloon kicking - baby sensory.png
5 little ducks.png
pigs love muddy puddles.png
Giftwrap galore.png
Lucky dip.png
Spaghetti play.png
Digging for gold.png
When life gives you lemons.png
Halloween sensory bag - baby sensory.png
Pumpkin puddle - baby sensory.png
Thanksgiving sensory playdoh - baby sensory.png
CNY Sensory Spaghetti.png
Valentines day foam.png
Melting Hearts.png
EGGcellent Exploration -  Baby sensory.png
Easter sensory bottles - Baby sensory.png
Digsaw puzzle game.png
Frozen tundra.png
Little bear's porridge.png
Sorting big & small letters.png
The very hungry catepillar.png
Under the sea playdough.png
Room on the Broom rice sensory bin - messy bin.png
Halloween discovery bin - messy bin.png
Autumn harvest sensory bin - messy play.png
Gingerbread man playdough - Messy play .png
Candy cane sensory rice bin - messy play.png
Candy cane cream - messy play.png
Easter Chick Sensory rice bin - Messy play .png
Sea foam  sensory play.png
Birthday Play Dough- Messy play.png
Copy of Science experiment template.png
Dyed flowers - science.png
Skittles experiment.png
_Germ Science Experiment - science experiments.png
Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 1.37.29 AM.png
Art Attack
Spider web art - art attack.png
Bat Silhouette Halloween art.png
Paper Plate Pumpkin craft.png
Pasta Jewellery - art attack.png
Rainbow Rice Mandalas - art attack.png
Autumn Trees - art attack.png
Diwali Rangoli Suncatchers  - art attack.png
Diwali Mehndi art  - art attack.png
Salt Dough Diwali lights - art attack.png
Fireworks Display - art attack.png
Thanksgiving Turkey - art attack.png
Christmas crafty wreaths - art attack.png
Fluffy flowers - art attack.png
Festive footprints - art attack.png
Beautiful Bunnies - Art Attack.png
Footprint carrot - Art Attack.png
Potato Easter Egg Stamps - Art Attack.png
Ice cube painting - Art Attack.png
Paint splat teddy bear craft- Art Attack.png
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